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At St. Joseph School we believe the FUN and the FUND of Fundraising are equally important to the success of our school.

Under the guidance of our PTO, we encourage and provide opportunities for families to participate and to promote fundraising activities in order to provide a sound Catholic faith based school which implements their Mission of providing "Excellence in Education."

More detailed information on fundraising goals and policies can be downloaded using the following links.

Fundraising Types and Purposes

Fundraising Proposal Form

SCRIP Information

SCRIP is a program which works with both National and Local retailers to raise money for non-profit organizations. We buy their certificates at a discounted rate and sell them for face value. Profits can range from 1.5% to 13%. When you purchase SCRIP, you are basically turning a portion of the money you already spend into dollars for our school! SCRIP is donating without actually ever taking from your pocket! All it takes is a little bit of pre-planning.

A scrip order form can be downloaded at: Scrip Order Form

A list of all current UnitedSCRIP Retailers may be viewed at the Retailer List.

SCRIP can be ordered for any listed retailer if we do not have any in stock.

Information about the UnitedSCRIP program can be found at


The St. Joseph’s annual Art & Wine, a regionally acclaimed Art & Wine event, is St. Joseph’s School main fundraiser. Local artists and wineries highlight an enjoyable evening along with silent and live auctions. The programs supported by the St. Joseph’s annual Art & Wine rely on the generosity and hard work of people like you in order to succeed. We are looking for those special people who can contribute valuable skills and resources to make this years event a success. By volunteering for this exciting event, you can meet new people, have fun and better the parish community. If you have a student at St. Joseph’s School, all hours served will count toward your required annual volunteer hours. To assist in this year’s festivity, we will be asking for a few hours of your time before the actual event and hopefully a few hours on the day or evening of the event. No effort is to small and all efforts are greatly appreciated.

The 2012 Art & Wine - "Sunset on the Savanna" will be held on Saturday February 4, 2012. Please visit the St. Joseph Art and Wine website for more information.

Service Hours

In enrolling a child at St. Joseph’s School, a parent agrees to give hours of service to the school and pay all tuition fees. Parents, who do not wish to give Service Hours to the school, agree to pay at the rate of $15.00 per hour.

  • 30 Hours or $450.00 per family for students in Grades Kindergarten thru 8th
  • 15 Hours or $225.00 per family for students in Preschool

At least 50% of your hours are to be committed to a capital project i.e. Art and Wine, Fun Run, Scrip, Yard Sale and Raffle Calendar.

This program is designed to provide our children with the best possible benefits, and to help our school run smoothly by getting everyone involved in the effort to build community. Parents are required to work the stated hours. All exceptions need to be presented to the Principal before the event. A substitute needs to be a member of the family, 21 years of age or older. Some positions and activities may guarantee an automatic 30 hours: Fundraising Event Chairpersons, PTO Members, and School Advisory Commission.

According to School Advisory Commission Policy, service hours will not be given for donated materials.