About SJS

St. Joseph School is staffed with competent and certified lay teachers and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Class size is limited and a diversity of teaching/learning methods are employed to meet the individual learning needs of students. The administration and staff endeavor to provide a spiritual and respectful learning environment as well as the most current textbooks for the education of our students.

St. Joseph School Mission Statement

In an environment of academic excellence and a compassionate Catholic Community, St. Joseph Parish School strives to:

  • Foster a Christian environment of family and friendship
  • Educate children in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, in the Catholic tradition
  • Prepare children for leadership in church and society through a sound and challenging basic academic curriculum
  • Enable each child to recognize his or her self worth
  • Encourage each child to internalize the values of self-discipline, Mutual respect, personal morality, justice, and concern for the earth
  • Nurture each individual's natural desire to learn


Ron St. Hilaire, President Carol Brandner, Member
Julia Hiett, Vice President Sean McGrath, Member
Matt Beaton, Past President Michelle Ochweri, Member
Paul Giever, Secretary Jennifer Hickman, Member
Sherry Schroeder, Holy Spirit Rep Mike Hiett, PTO Rep

The School Advisory Commission is made up of eight to twelve members, nominated by the Commission from a nomination slate of parish and school persons. The appointments are made after a discernment process by the Commission members, the Pastor, and the principal focusing on the specialized needs and issues addressed by the Commission.



The Commission assesses school needs and how they can be addressed by:

  • Setting goals
  • Developing a faith community
  • Reviewing curriculum
  • Developing and tracking a long range school plan
  • Coordinating activities with the PTO Board at one or two planning sessions per year

Policy making

The Commission reviews and adopts policies as appropriate to meet school needs by:

  • Identifying and/or writing policy
  • Reviewing and updating existing policies


The Commission adopts the school’s financial plan and monitors how it is working by:

  • Approving the annual budget
  • Reviewing the monthly financial statements and year-to-date report
  • Determining tuition rates and fees
  • Determining salary and benefit schedules for the staff
  • Dialoguing with the pastor or parish finance committee regarding the amount of parish subsidy for the school

Special Projects

The Commission assumes responsibility for special activities such as:

  • Recruitment of students
  • Public relations
  • Support of staff morale
  • Annual assessment of the school facilities
  • Reporting at General Parent Meetings


President Mike Hiett
Treasurer Amanda Melenbacher


The mission of the St. Joseph PTO is to support the school and its families through fundraising, community building, and assisting in classroom needs. To do this the PTO acts as a conduit between the school and the families of St. Joseph School. The Parent Teacher Organization ordinarily meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. The dates are published in the school calendar.



President Ania McGrath
Vice President Sebastian Spindola
Secretary Alani Safford
Religious Affairs Laurel Hermann
School Spirit Zachary Villanueva
Athletics Jack Yount
Publicity Marilyn Buehler
Ecology Reegan Moll
Treasurer Grace Kruschke

The purpose and goals of the St. Joseph Student Council are the following:

  • To foster spiritual growth among the students
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To encourage a high standard of scholarship
  • To create school spirit
  • To demonstrate the practical application of democracy
  • To support the welfare of our school and its members in every possible way
  • To provide service to the school and the civic community